Return to Nursing

Maybe you took a few years off to travel. Maybe you wanted to try a new career path. Or maybe you've been a full-time parent or carer. Whatever your reasons for taking time out, you're back and you're eager to continue your career in nursing/midwifery. It's an exciting time, but it can also be scary and stressful. You've changed, your life has changed and it's safe to say the world of nursing and midwifery has changed too.

But don't worry. Nobody expects you to just slot yourself back into the healthcare sector and pick up where you left off years earlier. The Health Service Executive runs a number of "Return to Practice" programmes designed to help you update your skills and regain your confidence in a clinical environment and you're ready to start on the Great Job Hunt.

Carr Communications and Jobs for Nurses are here to make the whole process as painless as possible. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Ditch the Dailies

Trawling through the jobs sections in papers is all well and good if you're relaxing in a coffee shop or stuck on a bus, but for a really thorough overview of the job market - get thee to cyberspace! Jobs for Nurses offer up-to-date recruitment opportunities at the touch of a button and as it is the first recruitment website in Ireland aimed specifically at nurses, you're guaranteed to find a job that suits you.

2. Get Dusting!

After several years out of the job market, it's probably safe to say your CV could do with a little bit of a dusting or at least a bit of re-jigging. Check out our article on CV Preparation for top tips on how to make the most of yourself on paper. Likewise, if your interview skills are so rusty they're starting to squeak, our articles on Dress for Success and Interview DO's and DON'Ts could be just the oil you need to get things running smoothly.

3. Ask the Professionals

If you're really keen to shine, why not invest in professional skills training? Carr Communications can offer courses on everything from CV Preparation, Application Form Filling, Job Interview Preparation to Returning to Work Coaching. If it's been a while since you've been through an interview, being taken through a mock interview is a great way to calm those nerves before the real thing. Plus, talking through your CV with an objective expert can really reinforce the fact that, yes, you genuinely are a brilliantly skilled and talented professional - they'd be mad not to hire you!

4. Socialise!

It's amazing how even the most capable of folks can start to lose confidence in themselves if they've been out of the workplace for a while. If you've spent the last few years as a full time mom or dad (for example), it's natural to wonder how you're ever going to manage spending hours conversing with grown-ups again. Make time at least once a week to do "grown-ups only" things with your friends like taking a trip to the theatre. Focus on yourself (try not to worry about your kids/spouse/guinea pig, they'll be fine without you for the evening), and try to keep "family talk" to a minimum. The point of this exercise is to redefine yourself outside of a home context.

5. Be an attention seeker

Ask your friends to write down what they consider your good points. Embarrassing? Well, probably yes. But seeing yourself through someone else's eyes is a great way to recognise strengths you never even realised you had. Remember, it's likely that a lot of the skills you've picked up, and knowledge you've gained, in your time away from a nursing/midwifery environment, will actually be a great benefit when you return.

6. Give Yourself a Makeover

Pamper yourself. Go shopping. Get a new hair-cut. It may sound shallow, but when you look good, you feel good. And this new-found confidence in your appearance can easily rub off on your self-belief in work. What better excuse to spoil yourself...?

For further information about this course, contact Jennifer in Carr Communications +353 (0)1 772 8900